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How to make a stuffed lavender heart?



lavender_heart_1 lavender_heart_kids_project_2

Lovely lavender heart made my my daughter Sacha

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This is a perfect activity for mother and daughter (although I would love to see some dads pick up a needle and thread :) – You do not need to be an accomplished seamstress to complete these fabulous stuffed lavender hearts, I will walk you through all the steps necessary to help you make the most of this fun project.

These gorgeous lavender hearts are best placed in drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh or hung on wardrobes and chest of drawers for that fabulous country cottage feel. You can also use them as pin cushion or even christmas decorations…

OK, let’s get started!

You will need:

  1. Embroidery thread or normal cotton thread, depending on the fabric you are using. For felt and heavy fabrics, use one thread of an embroidery yarn and for light cotton fabric use a doubled up cotton thread.
  2. Needle: home sewing needle for cotton fabric and chenille needle size 8 for felt.
  3. Fabric, I recommend you use felt with children because it is easy to work with and it does not fray. If you chose to work with cotton, chose a type with minimum fray when you cut it.
  4. Tracing paper (or normal white paper).
  5. Buttons and beads (or any other things you wish to decorate your heart with).
  6. Small length of a satin ribbon.
  7. Lavender for stuffing.

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Step 1
Photocopy the heart pattern below and enlarge it to make it the size you like. Trace it on paper and cut it.



Step 2
Fold your fabric in half (to avoid cutting the pattern twice) and pin the heart pattern you just cut out to the fabric.

Step 3
Cut the fabric to shape of the heart pattern. Remove the pins to release the paper pattern. you now have 2 heart shaped fabric pieces. Look at the picture below: I cut out the large heart to stuff with lavender and 2 smaller ones to use as embellishment.



Step 4
Choose which of the 2 pieces will be your front and decorate it by stitching buttons and beads on it.



Step 5
To make the hanger, stitch the satin ribbon to the top of one of the 2 pieces of heart shaped fabric making sure the excess ribbon is on the wrong side of the fabric (so it does not show when you stitch the 2 pieces together).

Step 6
Once you have decorated the front of your heart and stitched the hanger, stitch the 2 pieces of your fabric together using an overcasting stitch and making sure you leave the gap as shown in the picture above unstitched.

The overcasting stitch is typically used to stop fabric from fraying, this is how to do it: stitch diagonally over the edges of your fabric making sure you space your stitches equally and making them all the same length. Do not pull the stitches too tight. See figure below.


Step 7
Fill your heart with lavender making sure you do not stuff it too solid.
Stitch the gap in the fabric closed. use the overcast stitch shown above or a slipstitch (see figure below).


…Et voila!!! You now have a fabulous and gorgeous smelling lavender heart!

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